I once remember walking an entire mile just to prove to my friends that my shoes don’t hurt, where in fact they were killing me. It was obvious from my friends’ faces that they certainly knew that fact but resisted saying anything for my benefit. So with a smile, while cursing myself on the inside I went ahead with it. I could not complain. I could not blame anyone. I am sure you can understand the pure misery.
Can you name one girl who hasn’t done that once in her life? Or bought a pair of pretty shoes that were sure to give shoe bites? I know, we all are the same X buddies. Sigh.
As we know, the shoes designed for a female fashionista is basically for style rather then comfort. So, it is very important to buy shoes of appropriate size, shape and material to avoid shoe bites. Shoe bites are painful, and they may lead to ugly pus filled infections(ew!). Here the sensible thing to do would be buying comfortable shoes that are airy and well… ones that don’t bite. Burp.
But if you still end up buying those hazardous shoes(and I am 99.9% sure you will), there are some measures that you can take to avoid shoe bites.
Like for one, you should always go for your size. Never buy smaller or larger ones. Don’t settle for it if your size is not available no matter how pretty they may look. Because wrong size not only risks shoe bites and fractures but also flat foot. Flat foot is a disorder where the arch of the feet collapses and there is pain in the feet. This disorder is more likely to happen during infancy but at times adults suffer from it too. In adults, the reasons of flat foot vary from bad footwear to prolonged use of heels.
Shoe bites can be largely avoided if some measures are taken. One way is applying petroleum jelly or coconut oil overnight in the shoes. The jelly can be wiped off with a cloth before wearing them the next day. The petroleum jelly or the coconut oil makes the edges of the shoes soft and helps avoid bites.
Now lets say, you did end up wearing the new shoes without taking any measures. It is very much evident that you will end up cramped up in your bed after that, unable to walk or move. But don’t just give up yet. Clean the wound with lukewarm water and then apply some antiseptic cream to avoid further infection. Home remedies like applying neem and turmeric paste works too on painful shoe bites.
Quick tip: It is advisable to go for shopping late in the afternoon as our feet tend to swell in the later part of the day. This may give you a better idea of your size and you would never buy a smaller size.


2 thoughts on “Shoes:I can stop biting-NAMRATA DEKA

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